Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today we had to wake up at 3 to get on a bus and catch our flight. I had 3 hours of sleep and I was in that weird state where I wasn’t tired and had energy because I was sleep deprived. We said goodbye to Sam and Taylor and got on our plane at 6. I passed out like right when we took off and was awoken by one of the flight attendant’s butt hitting me in the face…thank you. I finished my book on the plane ride and listened to the Maroon 5 album the entire time. Overall, the trip was amazing and was a once in a lifetime experience.

Today we left Santa Cruz and took a plane to Quito. We said goodbye to Julian and the hostel we were staying at and boarded the 2-hour plane ride. When we got back to the same hostel we have stayed at in Quito, we packed and worked on our on assignments. We all put them on a flash drive and presented them in front of everyone. After presenting, we went to dinner and ate one of the wonder pets. It was a guinea pig and his name was Tuck. I also had wings and after dinner we had ice cream. After, we all hung out for our last night in Ecuador and went to bed at midnight.

Today we saw the extinction of a species. We went to a tortoise museum outside and saw lonesome George in the habitat they put him. There were also two females in hope of them mating, but that never happened. Later that day we were told Lonesome George had died. After the museum, we had a 40-minute walk to Tortuga Bay and swam and hung out at the beach. We stayed there for a while and after went to dinner where we ate slipper lobster and coconut sauce, which was extremely good. This was the time where we were told that Lonesome George had died and they think it was because of a heart attack.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today we left the island of San Cristobal and took a boat to Santa Cruz. The boat ride was about two and a half hours and I slept for like thirty minutes on the boat. When we got to Santa Cruz, we went to out hotel and dropped off our stuff. We then had some free time to roam around the town (which isn’t that big). I bought a shirt and we had some ice cream. Then we had lunch at a pizza place, which was really good. We then went to a sinkhole place and then saw tortoises and took some pictures. After, we went in a lava tube, which was pretty much just a big tunnel underground. Then we came back and ate dinner and then did some cool stuff with lights in the dark. I was also still hungry and had some extra food, so I shared my Oreos (I think it was like 44 oreos but I had like 30). After, we went to sleep.

Today we woke up at 8 and ate breakfast. We then went on a boat and rode to Kickarock to snorkel again. The boat ride wasn’t that long and snorkeling was really fun. The water was about three hundred meters deep, so most of the time we couldn’t see the bottom. We did see quite a few sharks and some cool fish and a turtle, but a jellyfish also stung me, which wasn’t really all that bad. After snorkeling, we got to eat chocolate rolls and took a break. We then went to another place to snorkel. At this place, we could see the bottom a lot easier and at some times it was a little too shallow and I could stand, but I didn’t because it’s bad for the flippers. We saw a lot of sea lions and one came over to me and started to bite my flipper, which was really cool. In my opinion, the second one was better, even though we saw sharks in the first one. I just like being able to see the bottom of the water. Next, we rode to an island and got off and chilled there for a while, which was part of the national park. We then ate lunch and went back to the hotel. Once we got back, we had about two and a half hours to do whatever we wanted, which was awesome. I took a shower and then walked around the island with Haley and Sarah Jane (and Clara for a little bit). I bought a bunch of Oreos and some skittles, we all got ice cream, and near the end we just chilled on a bench on a bridge. We then all went to dinner. This place grilled their food and it was AMAZING. I ordered the shrimp, but some of the other people didn’t eat their food, so I ended up eating a ton of food. I had shrimp, rice, beans, chicken, steak, beef, and salad. And after dinner, we got ice cream and I ate that too. When we all got back we had time to work on our on assignment and do our blogs and stuff like that. After, we all went to sleep.

Today we flew out of Quito and went to the Galapagos Islands. The plane ride was two and a half hours and I sat next to Callie. We started to watch the Green Hornet on my computer, but it got boring so we watched movies on hers. Saw IV was confusing since neither of us had seen the previous ones and we had no clue what was happening, so we changed it to Arthur. I started to get into it when we landed, so I never saw the ending of it. When we left the airport we ate lunch and then went to the hotel to put all of our stuff up. Next, we walked to a shop to get all of our snorkeling gear and took a tour and learned some of the history of the island and some of the animals and then walked to a pier. It was my first time actually snorkeling in water (besides my grandfather’s pool) and it was really fun. We saw sea lions and swam with them while we were in the water. Actually, there are a ton of sea lions all around the Galapagos. I took a shower when we got back and then we all went to dinner. By the time we all got back, I was worn out and went to sleep the second I hit the bed.

Today we left the amazon. We had to take a boat (which really was just a big canoe) back to the place we came off the plane. It was supposed to be a 5-hour boat ride, but it turned out to be about 7 hours because we had a lot of technical problems. Not only was it really long, but about in the middle of it, it started raining. That wouldn’t have been a problem if it were coming at us from the side. I turned my back so my front wouldn’t get wet and my entire back and butt was completely soaked and I had to sit in it for like 3 hours. Once we got to our destination, we took a plane back to Quito. The internet wasn’t working most of the time while we were there so I only uploaded two days for the blog.