Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today we had a hike that started at 6. It was only an hour long and we didn’t really see any monkeys, but we heard a couple of them. We ate breakfast when we got back and it was the usual eggs and rolls and stuff like that. After breakfast we went fishing for piranhas for a couple of hours. I got a really sweet farmers tan. I only caught one tiny fish and the person rowing our boat caught three, and on the second one the piranha bit his finger and the very tip of it was bit off. When we got back we chilled for a little bit and then ate lunch. It was the piranhas that we caught and it was ok. The rest of the day was super chill and I slept for a while and then me, Haley, Sarah Jane, Madeleine, and Clara went swimming in the river. When we got back I took a shower and hung out with everyone for a while. At dinner we ate fish and it was really good. Actually, all the food in the Amazon was really good. After dinner, I showed some more people the videos on my computer about lonely island and stuff like that and hung out and then we had a group meeting. After the group meeting, I packed since we have a canoe ride at 6 tomorrow and then we leave for Quito. After I packed, I listened to some music and then went to bed.

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