Friday, June 8, 2012

If I had to describe the first day in Ecuador in one word, it would be crazy. All of the leaders are super nice and helpful. On the first day, we rode a gondola up to a mountain where we hiked up a bit more. We were at like 12,000 feet above sea level and lets just say that it's a little harder to breath when you're 12,000 feet higher than what you're used to. After, we drove back to the hotel and ate. The food in Ecuador is, to say the least, interesting. We had to order off of a Spanish menu, and since I know absolutely zero Spanish, I just did ene, mene, miny, moe to choose what to eat. Literally, I had no idea what I ate for lunch, but it tasted fine. Once it got dark, we went to a church where we did a night shoot. We brought our tripods, but one of the pieces on mine didn't fit and I couldn't attach my camera. Instead, I had to use part of a statue that was situated in front of the church. It was a learning experience. Once done with the night shoot, we took a tour of a chapel where there were many paintings and works of art. The tour guide was very enthusiastic, however, he only spoke in Spanish. This would have been a problem if not for the translator who was unfortunately less enthusiastic. By the time we got back to the hotel I was completely tired and worn out.
The second day, after eating breakfast, we immediately took a two hour bus ride to a market. I bought a weird hat and pants, but when you're in a foreign country, you have to buy weird stuff. We took pictures of the market and, after lunch, took more pictures of a food market. We drove back to the hotel where I am now writing this and sorting out all my pictures on my computer.

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  1. Michael, that is absolutely beautiful. I know you are having a fabulous time. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all your stories about your experiences.

    Love Grandmother