Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today we woke up in the hotel in Mindo and ate breakfast (the usual eggs, juice, and toast). I put all the stuff I need for the next 4 days in the amazon into my backpack and took both my backpack and my camera bag with me on the bus to the airport. The plane was originally set to leave at 10:00 am, but the flight changed and it was scheduled an hour earlier. We rushed through all of security (which was like a million times faster than when we took the plane from Houston to Quito) and got on the plane on time. The plane ride was 30 minutes long and I just listened to music the entire time since everyone in our group was seated on different parts of the plane. Once we got off the plane, we took a cool taxi to the Amazon River where we got some cool boots and boarded a canoe boat. It wasn’t that big and the boat ride lasted for 5 hours. On the way I pretty much only listened to music and slept, but I also took creeper pictures of those people who fell asleep. Since there was a cover over the large canoe, I was covered from the sun. However, my left arm got sunburned because I fell asleep and my arm was out of the cover and was in the sun. We arrived at out hotel and got situated in our cabins. For the first time, I actually have a roommate (Sam from National Geographic). It’s a cool change and after we put our stuff in the cabins, we went canoeing. I wore my bathing suit and after canoeing for a while, most of us jumped in the river and swam for a bit. Did I mention that the water contained both piranhas and snakes? Everyone was fine and after swimming/canoeing, I took a shower and I showed some more people how to play palace. We then ate dinner and had the option to go walking through the forest and look for bugs. About half the group, including myself, went on this and lets just say it was an adventure. Although it only lasted for like 10 minutes, the entire time was spent covering our faces and looking for bugs. We saw a snake too. After the bug hunt, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

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