Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today we flew out of Quito and went to the Galapagos Islands. The plane ride was two and a half hours and I sat next to Callie. We started to watch the Green Hornet on my computer, but it got boring so we watched movies on hers. Saw IV was confusing since neither of us had seen the previous ones and we had no clue what was happening, so we changed it to Arthur. I started to get into it when we landed, so I never saw the ending of it. When we left the airport we ate lunch and then went to the hotel to put all of our stuff up. Next, we walked to a shop to get all of our snorkeling gear and took a tour and learned some of the history of the island and some of the animals and then walked to a pier. It was my first time actually snorkeling in water (besides my grandfather’s pool) and it was really fun. We saw sea lions and swam with them while we were in the water. Actually, there are a ton of sea lions all around the Galapagos. I took a shower when we got back and then we all went to dinner. By the time we all got back, I was worn out and went to sleep the second I hit the bed.

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