Friday, June 15, 2012

Today we woke up and went back to Luke’s temporary house (the one with the two bird biologists). We took a taxi and then hiked to their house and we helped them clean up and rebuild some of their property. We all split up into groups and I went down to the camping sight and helped clean up the area by pulling plants and making everything cleaner. After, I helped rebuild to stairs that we have to take to get to their house. We hiked back and took a taxi back to the hostel to change shoes and clean up a little. Then, we went into town and ate chicken, potatoes, and rice for lunch. Once we got back, Massimo gave us a lesson. It was his last day here, so after his lesson we took a group picture with him and then a taxi picked him up and he left. We all then played mafia until it was time for dinner. We ate pizza and had ice cream for dessert. During mafia and dinner, everyone was telling scary and creepy stories. After we all finished dinner, we started to walk back to the hostel. We saw a really strange party thing on the way back. I think it was for father’s day or something but there were two people on the stage and they were dancing and lip singing to the music. The creepy thing was that one of the men was dressed up as a woman and had a pink wing and had balloons to make him look like a girl. Not only were they dancing with each other, but also the man that was dressed up like a girl was dancing with men in the audience and it was super weird. Once we got back, we all played a couple games of mafia and then went to bed. This also is our last night in Mindo

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