Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today we left Mindo and took a bus back to Quito. On the way there Madeleine, Haley, and I all watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail on my laptop. The 2 and a half hour bus ride went by really fast. Once we got to Quito, we dropped our stuff off at the hostel and then went to a market. We split into groups of three and Lauren, Sarah Jane, and I walked around the market looking for cool stuff to buy. I bought some really sweet socks (they’re orange), a nifty key chain, and a fake pair of ray bans. We then went to dinner and on the way to there we saw a bunch of discotecas, which looked really fun. At the restaurant where we ate dinner, we all ate sandwiches. I got the special and it was AMAZING! I also got an orange Fanta and for desert I got cookies and cream ice cream. We got back and had like an hour to upload our pictures and we actually had Internet for the first time in like 6 days. While we were uploading and enjoying our Internet, Callie, Haley, and I had a party downstairs and chilled while we were blogging and going on the Internet. After, we all went to our rooms and went to sleep.

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