Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today we left the island of San Cristobal and took a boat to Santa Cruz. The boat ride was about two and a half hours and I slept for like thirty minutes on the boat. When we got to Santa Cruz, we went to out hotel and dropped off our stuff. We then had some free time to roam around the town (which isn’t that big). I bought a shirt and we had some ice cream. Then we had lunch at a pizza place, which was really good. We then went to a sinkhole place and then saw tortoises and took some pictures. After, we went in a lava tube, which was pretty much just a big tunnel underground. Then we came back and ate dinner and then did some cool stuff with lights in the dark. I was also still hungry and had some extra food, so I shared my Oreos (I think it was like 44 oreos but I had like 30). After, we went to sleep.

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