Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today we woke up at 6 and went back on the boat. We traveled on the amazon until we reached an area where we could get off and venture in the forest. We all wore our boots and we had to step in water to get to the entrance of the forest. Guess whose boot had a hole in it? That’s right, mine did. Not only did it have a hole in it, but also my entire right foot got soaked in the water. It was a fun way to start a 3-hour hike in the forest. The rest of the hike was fine, and there weren’t really that many bugs. We spotted some Ents while there and took some pictures with them. Our guide showed us some cool stuff like an all-purpose leaf that can be used for cover, a mattress, a blanket, a raincoat, and to make a tent. He also showed us how to climb a tree with making a circle thing out of a vine and putting your feet in it, but all of us failed at climbing the tree. After we finished the hike, we rode back to the lodge and ate lunch. After, we had a siesta (which I confused with fiesta and thought we were going to have a party). It actually means rest and I slept and listened to music for 2 hours, which I guess is cool too. We then canoed in the amazon and looked for monkeys. I got a couple of pictures of the monkeys, but they weren’t really all that great. Once we got back to the lodge, we blogged and uploaded pictures and then ate dinner.

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  1. Wow!! You're trip sounds amazing! What an adventure- I hope you're having a blast and creating memories of a lifetime! Love you!